Worked with:



Amanda Pearl

G Union Education


coton sense New York

Marc Rosen Associates

MRA Studio

Anthom Soho

Fargo Restaurant

Novolyte Technologies

CapChem Technologies

Hexafluo Chemicals

Memory Day

Poly Real Estate





Graphic Design / Branding / Packaging / Visual Directing / Dog Walking:)

Yizhi consider himself as an explorer and creative solutionist. he finds my enthusiasm in establishing the unique voice for brands. With professional skills in Adobe CS and experience of Branding strategy, He is able to carry out projects from ideas to execution, able to articulate concepts and communicate within a collaborative and fast-paced working environment.

"Working with multi-disciplinary jobs allows me to quickly gather essential information from multiple perspectives, then create the effective design solutions to satisfy clients and customers needs, which is the essence of a good design."

Resumé available upon request.