Inspired by the joy of a newborn baby, coton sense curates series of top quality baby wear gift boxes for young and meticulous families. We carefully choose the finest organic cotton for smooth and tangible experiences. With love and best wishes, we believe our thoughtful design will carry delight, to whom we care about, to where we call home.


"Delightful Gifts For The New Little One."

"coton" represents good quality of apparel as the essence of everyday life, "sense" is what coton sense believes that wearing experience should not be limited into style and materials, it's more about the how can a baby product be different -- consider all family member's everyday life experiences, to solve problems that no one cares but bothers everyone, or just being visually neat and clean, so that let people feel better at home in the busy days.  The new logo and color panel deliver a sense of simplicity and delightfulness, we use an orginal typeface "phyo sans", which was originally designed for children product.  For the gift box packaging design, we use 100% cotton paper, with a neutral tone and fabric texture finish, bright mint ribbon follows the branding color, lights up the sense of delicate gift.

Packaging Design
Art Direction
by Yizhi Wang