FAIR Conference is a student project which was a part of the Visual Communication 1 Class that taught by Professor Ann Morris. For this project, our mission is to design a series poster and stationary for a three-day conference about any topic. Because of my great interest in social issues, I chose Injustice system as my topic. All the content of this project had been created only for study demands, including events, speakers, address, and schedules.


Come to the FAIR conference, we want to share our guest’s stories who were framed by the injustice system, they use to spend decades on death row. We will also have criminal defense lawyers telling you what is behind corrupt judges. You will learn some important laws and defense strategies which may help you and your families, friends stay away from injustice. We really need your voice for support and help innocent people to fight for their right and save their lives!


The art direction for the FAIR Conference is “unfair” because a lot of innocent people are framed by injustice system or organ of authority every year, the FAIR conference is aiming to help these people to fight for their right. The logotype “FAIR” on a wire fence and shows backward is representing how prisoner looks outward from the prison, and the public who don’t know the truth look inward from outside. 



Poster Design


Website Design